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10 anni di Iris

"10 anni di Iris - Speciale Maurizio Costanzo Show"

In 2007, Mediaset, the first in Italy, launched a thematic channel dedicated to the great cinema, completely free on digital terrestrial: born Iris.

To celebrate this important milestone, the network has chosen Maurizio Costanzo and the formula of his timeless talk, with a special episode entirely dedicated to cinema, in the early evening on Wednesday 29 November.

On the stage of Costanzo Show Sandra Milo, Barbara Bouchet, Giuliana De Sio, Eleonora Giorgi, Barbara De Rossi and Piero Villaggio, son of the brilliant Paolo Villaggio. The special concludes with an interview with the international diva, the symbol of Italian cinema in the world, Gina Lollobrigida.

Early evening talk show on Iris.

  • Production: Fascino pgt
  • Directed by: Valentino Tocco
  • Conduction: Maurizio Costanzo
  • Scenic design and ideation: DAQ Studio - D'AngeloQuerzola srl. - Lucia D'Angelo and Cristina Querzola

Studi Voxson Roma, Teatro 5, november 2017